This Agency Ran a Print Ad About How Angry It Was That No One Ran Its Print Ad

Here's the moment when spec advertising finally digests its own tail.

Meet the Adman Who Really, Really Likes Laughing at Adolf Hitler

Anyone who knows Jim Riswold knows he has a bit of a Hitler obsession—or more specifically, an obsession with making the Nazi leader look stupid through art. Speaking to Vice in 2011, the legendary Wieden + Kennedy copywriter explained:

Adolf Hitler Killed as a Boy by Mercedes in Crazy Spec Ad

If you were a car, and you could travel back in time and kill Hitler when he was a boy, would you do it?

Men’s Clothing Store Called ‘Hitler’ Agrees to Change Its Name

"I didn't know how much the name would disturb people. It was only when the store opened that I learned Hitler had killed 6 million people." That's the dubious explanation from co-owner Rajesh Shah about why he decided on "Hitler" as the snappy name for his new men's clothing store in Ahmedabad, India.

Hitler Sells Shampoo in Turkish TV Commercial

In the most bizarre ad fail of the year so far, Adolf Hitler takes a break from selling condoms to pitch shampoo in this TV spot, which is airing on television in Turkey. The voiceover translates to: "If you're not wearing women's clothes, you shouldn't be using women's shampoo either. Here it is. A real man's shampoo.

ESPN Drops Hank Williams Jr. Song for Obama-Hitler Remark

Sports broadcaster ESPN pulled its signature song from Monday night’s NFL broadcast after country singer Hank Williams Jr. seemingly compared Barack Obama to Hitler during an interview earlier in the day.

Fashion ad’s pink Hitler has Italy seeing red

Hitler is already a theme this week. This time, a clothing company in Italy put up billboards in Palermo showing the Nazi leader in a pink uniform with a heart […]

Jordan’s Hanes Hitler ‘stache raising a furor

That new Michael Jordan campaign for Hanes, which we wrote about last week, really does have people buzzing, though it's not Jordan's "lie-flat collar" that they're fixated on. Viewers instead […]

PETA gets away with doggie Hitler-tisement

Hitler rears his ugly head all the time in rogue ads. Just in the past year, we seen him having sex in an AIDS awareness campaign, swimming with sperm in […]

Retailer’s ad stars Hitler-James Dean hybrid

Adolf Hitler and James Dean were both resurrected for ads recently—Hitler for that racy AIDS-awareness campaign from Germany, Dean for a South African insurance spot. But now, thanks to facial-morphing […]