Hill Holliday

In down times, the lottery’s bigger than ever

Could the slumping economy drive a renaissance in lottery advertising and spur sales as the newly unemployed seek quick fixes for their money woes? The question hadn't crossed my mind […]

Hit ‘print’ and you’ll kill a cute leaf turtle

Hill, Holliday enters the popular “stuff that resembles other stuff” sub-genre by touting a corporate recycling program to all U.S. employees of healthcare giant Covidien. The posters were wisely printed […]

‘You kin’ do it,’ says a giddy Dunkin’ Donuts

Hill, Holliday's latest advertising for Dunkin' Donuts introduces the rallying cry, "You kin' do it!" Thankfully, there's a press release which explains that "kin' do" is literally part of the […]

Talk to the hand in Boys & Girls Clubs ads

Hill, Holliday's pro-bono effort for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston is clearly well intentioned. The work is themed "In these hands," and in a rare example of truth […]

Dunkin’ claims taste-test win vs. Starbucks

Hill, Holliday has created a new commercial and Web site touting blind taste-test results favoring Dunkin’ Donuts coffee over Starbucks. I conducted a test of my own, pounding down Dunkin’ […]

America plods along laboriously on Dunkin’

Compare Hill, Holliday’s latest Dunkin’ Donuts spot, "Uphill Battle," with the chain’s "Doin’ Things" ad from a few years back. The new spot’s coffee addicts seem kinda pokey, while their […]

Liberty Mutual puts you in the driver’s seat

OK, I’ve connected the dots and made sense of Liberty Mutual’s new commercials. One shows the aftermath of a nasty sideswipe. Another depicts the disorientation drivers feel after an accident. […]