YouTube’s 10 Most-Watched Ads in March

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer Deliver a Kung-Fu Ass Kicking in EA’s New Golf Ad

Tiger Woods is a golf nerd, right? Right. But in fantasy video-game land, he destroys you and all your hoodlum friends, fake kung-fu style, because you're trying to steal his trophies. His charming geezer of a sidekick, Arnold Palmer, meanwhile, manages to seem much more badass, rocking his tournament hardware inside his blazer like he's fencing gold watches.

Infographic: Ad People Are Hopeless Social-Media Addicts

We've already been reminded this morning that advertising people are not normal. Here's more proof from the world of social media—an infographic from San Francisco agency Heat comparing social-media usage among advertising professionals with that of the general public. It isn't pretty, unless you think the warm, lonely glow of a laptop's light on someone's face is a good look. See the infographic after the jump. Via Co.Create.

Solar Power: It’s Not Just for Hippie Freaks Anymore

This fun campaign from solar-power company Sunrun and ad agency Heat should make conventional utility companies green with envy. The writing's excellent—far better than my silly lead sentence—in three well-acted spots that invert viewer expectations by presenting Sunrun customers as primarily motivated by the desire to save money, rather than new-age, bleeding-heart concerns. In each ad, actors spar with off-screen voiceovers. One vignette shows a middle-aged couple gardening in their yard. When the narration suggests they went solar "to save dolphin babies all over the world," the husband replies, "No. It's more the money thing." Announcer: "But what about the dolphin babies?" Wife: "Well, that's great, too. But we really like to save money." A second spot finds a burly guy doing a woodworking project in his garage. Voiceover: "Scott was the first on his block to call up Sunrun, who helped him switch over to solar for no money down. But that wasn't even the best part." Scott assures him, "Yes it was," and after some back and forth, delivers the campaign's best line: "Shhh, voice man. I'm trying to build something here." The understated humor plays to perfection, and the sales pitch feels unforced and affable. Bright idea, Sunrun! These spots could really make lightbulbs come on for some consumers. Two more ads after the jump.

Raise Your Man Boobs With Pride, Football Fans

Not that you could tell by the triple-digit temperatures in some parts of the country, but it's almost fall, better known to many as football season. That means drunken tailgate parties and wasted fans showing copious amounts of team spirit and way more skin than they should. EA Sports, via agency Heat San Francisco, has gotten a jump on such campus tomfoolery with a series of NCAA Football 12 ads focused on team devotion. The highlight is definitely the "True Friend" spot below, starring an oversized Louisiana State University fan who doesn't mind letting it all hang out in honor of the purple and gold. I hope the school appreciates the effort because I certainly do not. The spots are currently running on NBC, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and a variety of sports-related websites. Check out more after the jump.

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