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It’s the Advertisers Wot Done It

News of the World, Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-plagued British tabloid, will print its last issue this Sunday—and it will not be running any advertising.

News Corp. Closing Beleaguered ‘News of the World’

Editors' note: This is a breaking story, and is being continuously updated as news warrants.

News Corp. Hacking Fallout Spreads to U.S.

First came the damning revelations, the reader boycotts, the police investigation, and the news of U.K. advertisers pulling ads from News of the World.

The Devil’s Due

Rupert Murdoch was in London last week for his company's annual summer party, trying, you can bet, to compartmentalize his likely-to-be-successful bid for satellite television company BSkyB—a capstone of a career that has had many capstones—and the ongoing and intensifying investiga