These Were the Hottest Apps, Games and Gadgets of 2016

History will remember 2016 as when digital became a constant overlay to real life, with presidential candidates trolling one another on social media before and after debates while mobile game […]

3 Ways Corporate Spies Might Be Watching Your Business and How to Stop Them

Business is a game of constant competition, but the widespread emergence of covert surveillance and tracking tools has expanded the playbook. Now, industrial espionage has a new dimension.

Here’s Why Casey Neistat Is Ending His Wildly Popular Daily Vlog on YouTube

What do you do when you've climbed to the top of a digital mountain?If you're Casey Neistat, you find a bigger mountain.

Infographic: 4 Predictions From Google About Black Friday Shopping This Year

While U.S. retailers are getting ready for the holiday shopping season to begin in earnest, shoppers are already turning to Google to research the latest trends and deals.

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan Can’t Stay Mad at Each Other for Long in Funny Ad for Google Duo

Can BFFs Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, the terrific twosome of the Los Angeles Clippers, stay angry at each for long? We learn the answer in 72andSunny's brief bro-mantic comedy below, the latest in a series of spots touting the Google Duo video-calling app.

Google Is Telling More Transgender Stories at a Critical Time for LGBT Rights

Google is back to celebrate more transgender stories.Three new documentary-style videos offer a glimpse into the lives of transgender people who are making a difference in their communities, with help from Google's tools. Trans director Rhys Ernst helms the camera, as it focuses on Evan Young, Jasmine Morrell and Mara Kiesling—covering subjects like their work, their clients and their families.

Google Is Introducing Native Video Ads for Mobile Publishers

If Google's research is correct, more than half of all smartphone users give up trying to load mobile websites if it takes longer than three seconds. Because of that, Google is moving forward with several beta offerings to help publishers and advertisers make their mobile formats more efficient.

Smart Home Devices Are Giving Brands a Whole New Way to Advertise

The next time you need help removing a stain from clothing or are searching for cocktail recipes, don't be surprised if help comes in the form of sponsored voice messages from Tide or Johnnie Walker.

How Instagram, Google, Facebook and Other Tech Notables Are Getting Out the Vote

This afternoon, Instagram is sending many of its 100 million U.S. users a reminder to go vote. The mobile app announced today that it built the feature over the weekend, and it's reaching people who allow push notifications on their smartphones.

Google Is Targeting Travel Marketers to Buy Native Programmatic Ads

In July, Google started offering native programmatic buying through its DoubleClick network with a pilot program that lets publishers make their so-called native advertising inventory available to brands.