3 Trends From CES That Marketers Really Need to Pay Attention To

I work at an ad agency, and I went to CES with clients. As a strategist, it's safe to say I'm not necessarily the typical CES attendee. I'm much more intrigued by shifts in behavior brought on by tech than by its mere existence.

Why the Most Important Word in 2017 Will Be ‘Experience’

The new year always brings promise and hope with a big dash of anxiety, and my anticipation for a sneak peek at the "new" in Las Vegas for CES is usually a mix of those three feelings.

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AOL Hopes These 2 New Ad Formats Will Thwart Off Ad Blocking

AOL wants marketers to help build its next ad formats. At CES today, the Verizon-owned company is launching a new initiative called BrandBuilder that includes two new types of ads.

L’Oreal Made a Smart Hairbrush That Analyzes Beauty Habits and Suggests Products

Not even hairbrushes are safe from the so-called Internet of Things. Today L'Oreal-owned Kérastase announced a new brush dubbed Hair Coach that collects and analyzes grooming patterns to recommend the right products and techniques.

What Marketers Need to Know About Internet of Things Data Security in 2017

If nothing else, 2016 taught the world that data security has become incredibly critical.

3 Truths About Creativity in the Age of AI

AI. AR. MR. Voice.Bots. Beacons. Wearables.Data. Big Data. Bigger Data.Goosebumps, am I right?!Recently, I was invited to a dinner party. At the bar, this guy rolled up beside me sporting tons of wearables. Three bracelets, a ring that blinked, and god knows what around his neck. Think Mr. T, but with less gold and more diodes.