big data

Big Data’s Big Image Problem

The information technology sector may have coined the term “Big Data,” but advertisers have embraced it as their own. The moniker has become a popular, catchy way of summing up the complex world of analytics used to measure consumer preferences and behaviors.

I Spy a Better Buy

The Creamery, a café in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa district, always has a long line at the counter on sunny weekends. Work-weary hipsters abandon their nearby condos and cubicles for breakfast on the patio—all under the watchful gaze of owner Ivor Bradley.

Global Brands Talk Big Data, Big Problems

In the actual hotel where Mad Men TV characters Don and Betty Draper were to stay during their fictional visit to Rome in the 1960s, 200 advertising players from around the world this week convened for a three-day

Big Data CEOs Riff and Rue in Rome

There's a ton of consumer data becoming available to brands and agencies, but what are they supposed to be doing with that sprawling marketing intelligence?

Direct Marketers Fight Privacy Concerns in Washington

Direct marketers are planning a broad campaign to defend their multibillion-dollar business against attacks by privacy advocates and others in Washington that propose to restrict data mining both online and offline.

Nielsen Announces 14 Clients for ‘Online Campaign Ratings’

Nielsen’s been touting its Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) this last year as a break-through service for brands that want to more effectively measure digital campaigns.

Lawmakers Open Data Broker Probe

A bipartisan group of eight lawmakers opened a probe today into the privacy practices of data brokers, companies that compile databases of consumers and then sell them to third parties, including marketers.