How Beats Used Celeb Marketing to Become Millennials’ Favorite Audio Brand

Way back in the distant days of 2010, you might have chanced on a video of Justin Bieber, sitting in a recording studio and speaking—with genuine feeling—about a particular social problem he wanted to make right. World hunger, perhaps? Childhood diseases? Well, not quite.

Taylor Swift Is Back, and One Hell of a Lip Syncer, in Her Latest Ad for Apple Music

In its ongoing efforts to become Taylor Swift's personal Goop, Apple Music just released a day-in-her-life ad that provides an intimate peek into how Swift gets ready to go out. The ad dropped on her Instagram with a caption flanked by telltale shout-outs (to her credit, she's not shy about her sponsors). 

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Apple Music and New Mobile Software

At its Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple launched its new Music service and new mobile software that takes on its top rival Google. But marketers interested in tapping Apple's potential treasure trove of music-related and mobile data should hold off on celebrating.

This Week’s 6 Most Covetable Products to Put a Dent in Your Wallet

Welcome to Swipe, Adweek's very first lifestyle section where we'll be spotlighting some of the most covetable products around, from high-tech gadgets to fashion accessories to stuff that's just plain […]

Why the Super Bowl Halftime Show Has Become the Biggest Ad of All

For brands that know the score, music and sports can be a winning combination—and nowhere more than the Super Bowl halftime show, the height of music, sports and pop culture on the world's ultimate stage.

Ameriprise Splits with R/GA, Searches for a New Lead Shop

Ameriprise Financial's experiment of using a digital agency for traditional ads has ended.

Agency of the Year: How R/GA Dominated Digital by Finding Its TV Groove

In hindsight, it's no surprise that one of the best ads of 2014 came from an unlikely corner of the advertising world: digital agency R/GA.

Bono Is a Superbrand Who Makes the World a Better Place

All the world is Bono's stage.

Beats by Dre Takes Down Big Sports Brands in Top Videos

Beats by Dre may not be a sports marketer, but the brand certainly has the digital stamina to compete with Adidas and Nike in terms of YouTube views, highlighted in this week's Adweek/VidIQ top 10 branded videos chart.

Amazon Reportedly Will Launch Music-Streaming Service This Summer

Amazon will launch a music-streaming service under its Prime membership plan, BuzzFeed reported Thursday.