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How Defy Media Creates a Fun, Youthful Workspace Behind the Scenes

2015 NewFronts presenter Defy Media knows what the kids want. As one of the largest original content creators for the 13 to 34 demo, with a large chunk of content […]

Jordan Levin in Talks to Run Programming at Xbox

Jordan Levin, the former CEO of the defunct WB network, is in serious talks with Xbox to take a senior level position that would include running programming at the Microsoft-owned gaming company's burgeoning studio, according to multiple sources.

Morgan Freeman’s Extraordinary Reading of ‘What the Fox Says’

It's too soon to tell how the merger of Break Media and Alloy Digital is going to play out. But one of the first video outputs of the new company, Defy Media, clearly resonated with the YouTube world last week.

Who Gets Yahoo’s Big Media Job?

Who gets Yahoo’s big media job? According to, the company is looking for a big name from TV world to help shepherd potential content deals like the one in the works for Katie Couric.

NYT: Alloy Digital, Break Media to Merge

Two major players in the Web video space, Alloy Digital and Break Media, plan to merge into a new company called Defy Media, according to a New York Times report.

GroupM Funds Two Web Series From Alloy Digital

Web video series projects often finds themselves in limbo. Most brands are less inclined than they were a few years ago to fund such shows on their own. And many Web video companies don't have the ability to write Netflix-like checks for shows without knowing they'll have a few sponsors on board. GroupM Entertainment is looking to help.

YouTube Artist Kurt Hugo Schneider’s Mesmerizing Coke Video Saw High Engagement

Remember the mesmerizing video that featured Kurt Hugo Schneider using Coke bottles and cans as musical instruments to promote the brand's "Ahh Effect" campaign? Well, Schneider's effort—which included a second video released in August—saw the highest engagement of any installment in the campaign, according to Coke. Users spent an average of nearly 7 minutes on Schneider's page. The average time spent on the campaign's entries was a little more than 2 minutes, according to the soft drink giant.

Coke Bottles and Cans Serve as Instruments in Promotional Music Video

Think Coca-Cola is just a soda? Well, you're right. But the beverage's bottles and cans also double as musical instruments in a new video to promote Coke.

YouTube-Funded Shut Up Cartoons Reaches 1 Million Subs, 100 Million Views

Barry Blumberg is the evp of Alloy Digital as well as the president of Smosh, the biggest YouTube channel in terms of subscribers. The exec has a long history in animation, previously serving as president, Walt Disney Television Animation and evp of Harvey Entertainment. In the past year or so, Blumberg has helped broaden the audience for Smosh while helping steward the launch of Shut Up Cartoons, one of the more successful funded YouTube channels; the network just exceeded 1 million subscribers and 100 million views. He chatted with Adweek’s Videowatch about the state of YouTube’s channel partnerships, the quiet movement among creators to push away from the Google-owned video platform, and the challenges of programming 24/7 on an ever growing number of social channels.

Miller64 Debuts Web Series Featuring Pro Athletes

To promote its vision of balancing work and play, Miller64 has rolled out a Web video series called The Sub, in which professional athletes lend a hand to underdog recreational sports teams so they can beat their rivals.