TV duopoly

Public Interest Groups, Cable Companies Oppose Gannett-Belo Merger

Gannett's $2.2 billion deal to buy Belo to become a 43 TV station super group is opening up some old-media consolidation wounds in Washington.

FCC’s Genachowski Circulates Media Ownership Order

There was no doubt that the Federal Communications Commission would wait until after the election to deal with the always controversial review of media ownership rules that have been in and out of court since 2008. On Wednesday, the FCC confirmed that chairman Julius Genachowski circulated a proposed order of the rules for a vote among the other four commissioners

Broadcasters, Newspapers Call Media Ownership Rules Outdated

The media landscape may have changed dramatically, but opinions about the Federal Communications Commission's rules governing media ownership haven't.

FCC Pushes Out Media Ownership Rules

Once again, the Federal Communications Commission decided to move forward a major regulatory rule just before the holidays. Last year at this time, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski annoyed GOP lawmakers and even some of his fellow commissioners with the vote to pass net neutrality.