Skittles Is Auctioning Off Custom-Made Prizes, and You Bid With Facebook Likes

"Bidding stands at 20 Facebook likes. ... Who'll give me 21? Going once, going twice ... sold for 20 likes to the man with his face buried in a bag of Skittles!"It's true: the Mars candy brand, via BBDO Toronto, is hosting an online auction in which Facebook likes are the currency. Fans compete by amassing likes for bids they can place on a veritable rainbow of Skittles-branded prizes.You must be a Canadian resident to participate. (Canada's clearly in vogue at this marketing moment ... first Loverboy and now this.)Current items up for bid include a Green Apple Soccer Ball, Strawberry Skittles Headphones, a Lemon Skittles Vase, "Orange Skittles Oil on Canvas" (an objet d'art, which is described as "eye candy painted by the famous Citrussio"), and, most impressively, a Grape Skittles Acoustic Guitar.

Put Your Finger on the Screen, and This Music Video Becomes Delightfully Fun

If you want to see all the clever things your fingertip can do, check out this cool new interactive music video from Japanese pop star Namie Amuro.

Brands All Use This Same Tired Joke on Twitter and It Needs to Stop

We've reached peak brand inanity on Twitter, and it seems to have affected—or infected—almost every marketer trying to capitalize on the top trending hashtag "five-word deal breakers."

Marshawn Lynch Finally Talks … in Funny, Weird Ads for Skittles and Progressive

Those who follow the saga of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's media interviews know he is notoriously a man of few words.

Only 46% of Super Bowl Advertisers Will Score Consumer Engagement

Less than half of the advertisers for Super Bowl XLIX should expect consumer brand engagement from their $4.5 million spots, according to Brand Keys 13 Annual Super Bowl Ad Engagement Survey. Out of 26 brands known to be advertising during the Big Game, just 12, or 46 percent, are expected to garner brand engagement, lower than the average of 50 percent. 

Skittles Gives a First Taste of Its Super Bowl Ad Featuring a Town Brawl

Even though Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch will have a lot of visibility on the Super Bowl playing field on Feb. 1, don't look for him in Skittles' commercial debut in the Big Game.

Skittles Teases Its First Super Bowl Ad With Kurt Warner in a Hot Tub of Candy

Skittles is joining Mars Inc. corporate sibling Snickers at the Super Bowl this year, as the brand airs its first Big Game commercial on Feb. 1.

Ad of the Day: Life Isn’t Easy for a Man Made of Skittles in Candy Brand’s Mockumentary

The best Skittles advertising has always been about anatomical oddities.

The Top 10 Halloween Candy Brands on Twitter

The time is upon us for trick-or-treating, as Halloween looms tomorrow. So Crimson Hexagon mined Twitter for all mentions of candies this month on the social platform.

Friends or Food? Skittles’ Giant Spider Ad Plays Out in Two Different Ways

Skittles gives arachnophobes even more ammunition for their fears with a new ad featuring a giant, talking spider and his run-in with Halloween trick-or-treaters.The story actually comes in two versions: a :15 with a quick punch line and a :45 that keeps the ad going in an unexpected direction.