Our First Arc Awards Winners Represent the Best in Branded Storytelling

Great storytelling is no longer the sole reserve of David Lean or Shonda Rhimes. Yes, advertisers, whose more traditional forms of marketing interrupt our favorite content, have expanded their horizons […]

Publicis Groupe Merges Global Digital Networks Sapient and Razorfish

Publicis Groupe confirmed weeks of rumors today, announcing the merger of its SapientNitro and Razorfish networks to create a new global operation it's calling SapientRazorfish. The goal is to better meet clients' digital marketing needs within a single organization.

Carnival Is Using Facial Recognition on Cruises to Help Passengers Buy Photos of Themselves

The next time you take a Carnival cruise, don't be surprised if the brand digitally tags you in photos taken aboard the ship.

Check Out the 26 Boldly Inventive Campaigns That Won This Year’s Project Isaac Awards

In this era of constant change and innovation, to truly invent something is quite rare. But the drive to find new paths and opportunities across marketing, media and tech may […]

SapientNitro Interns Make ‘Ugly Foods’ Desirable With This Online Game

Twenty-six percent of all produce will be tossed in the trash before even reaching grocery store shelves. That's mostly because it's oddly shaped and, well, kind of ugly. SapientNitro's nine summer interns argue in a new online awareness campaign that perfection isn't everything.

How Agencies Are Changing Their Approach to Recruiting Talent at Cannes


This Spooky Trailer for Cinemax’s Outcast Makes You Feel Like a Demon Is Possessing You

Imagine for a minute a demon is possessing you. You close your eyes and a husky, smoky voice whispers, "It'll be over soon, don't fight too hard." The darkness envelops you, and after a few seconds, you open your eyes. As soon as you do, you're confronted with the image of a young boy, contorting his body and breaking his bones.

How South Dakota’s Custer State Park Is Convincing Tech-Savvy Folks to Get Outdoors

Second Story, SapientNitro's interactive studio arm, was presented with two interesting challenges to solve for Custer State Park—71,000 acres of beautiful land located in South Dakota. The park, while breathtaking itself, is often overshadowed by other major attractions including Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial and Badlands National Park.

John Cho Appears in Popular Movie Posters to Address Lack of Diversity in Hollywood

Take a look at a handful of movie posters from some of the hottest films, from Avengers: Age of Ultron, Me Before You and Jurassic World. What do you notice?

SapientNitro Will Bring the World of Avatar’s Pandora to Life

Publicis Groupe agency SapientNitro has entered into a multiyear deal with James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox to bring a digital Avatar experience to life. The project will kick off before the second film debuts in 2018 and extend through the release of the next four sequels.