Here’s Why Your Favorite Brands Are Making Their Own Emoticons

Cute-Crazed. Selfie-Obsessed. Bad Happy. These are just three of the names of Mentos' new branded emoticons, or "ementicons," which will soon be available for the mint brand's socially savvy fans to use. Mentos isn't alone.

24 Hours in Advertising: Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Here's everything you need to know about the last 24 hours in advertising, in case you blinked.Buzzing on Adweek:

Mentos Pack a Seriously Fresh Punch in This Hilarious Ad With a Perfect Twist Ending

This ad from BBH London for Mentos NOWMints is amazingly funny—perfectly paced, surprising, silly, and close enough to making sense that it actually serves the brand, especially because it's so memorable.

Old Mentos Ad With Horse-Men Playing Basketball Is Weirdest Ever

Whoa, that's one wacky game of horse!

Mentos Are Great for Covering Up Your Naughty Bits

After the fake Mentos commercial we enjoyed yesterday, it's time for the real thing—a new print campaign by The Martin Agency for Mentos Pure Fresh gum. Four new ads have been produced for specific magazines, with their content mirroring that of the publications—with Mentos inserting itself into the otherwise unsavory situations and making the product pitch. "Look, we have gum!" the ads cry. (They "spotlight the juxtaposition between the innocent quirkiness of Mentos and the not-so-innocent content of the ads," the agency tells us.) The ad above will run in Maxim. Three more ads are posted after the jump. "Wardrobe Malfunction" and "Pants" will run in InTouch, People and Us Weekly, while "Streaker" will appear in ESPN The Magazine and Sports Illustrated. Credits also posted after the jump.

‘Breaking Bad’ Mentos Commercial Is Fresh, Full of Life

If a potent new supply of blue Mentos hits the market soon, you'll know why. Here are Walter White and his son, Walt Jr., from Breaking Bad in a hilarious Mentos parody that's all the funnier for its total randomness. Mentos—the methmaker.

Make Sweet, Sweet Love (and Lots of Babies), Says Mentos

In today's world of 7 billion people, you rarely see ad campaigns that encourage people to fire up the baby cannon. However, Singapore has a low birthrate. So, to goose the population, the country is offering financial incentives for giving birth and has declared this Thursday, Aug. 9, to be "National Night" for gettin' it on.

And the Brands Played On

Watch out, Zynga and Electronic Arts. When it comes to casual mobile gaming, top brands like Mentos, Pepsi and Red Bull have your players in their sights.

Mentos Erases Negative Tweets With Facebook App

Mentos has partnered with The Martin Agency to create a Negative Tweet Eliminator app for Facebook.

Mentos Gum’s Dial-In Number Gives You Plenty of Options

This is sort of funny. Mentos is launching a new gum called UP2U, which includes two flavors in the same pack, giving you the choice of which to chew. To promote it, The Martin Agency put up a couple of billboards in Chicago (the site of the annual Sweets and Snacks Expo) urging people to call (800) 304-UCHOOSE.