These ‘Don’t Smoke and Drive’ Posters From Uruguay Are Made of Marijuana

Here's a PSA campaign that takes the idea of medium-as-message to a higher level. Created for Uruguay's Association of Cannabis Studies, the out-of-home initiative features three posters printed on paper made from marijuana. Copy reminds the public about the dangers of operating a vehicle under the influence of pot, which Uruguay fully legalized for production and sale in 2013.

How the Agency Grind Led This Art Director to Dream Up Gourmet Marijuana Edibles

During the third season of Mad Men, Elisabeth Moss' Peggy Olson surprises herself and her colleagues when she declares, "I'm Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana." She's working on a Saturday and she's creatively blocked, so why not try something new?

High Times Is Using Big Data to Rebrand Marijuana

High Times, a monthly magazine focused on the marijuana industry, is hoping to shift the image of the cannabis industry and improve the national conversation while also attracting a broader set of advertisers.

Design Shops Imagine What a ‘Starbucks of Marijuana’ Might Look Like

Marijuana branding is in its infancy. But one day soon, it may well be a major legal product category—with enormous design, branding and packaging needs. Today, for 4/20, Surface magazine looks to the future with an interesting exercise—getting a handful of design shops to imagine what a major national, aspirational marijuana brand might look like.

This Pizza Delivery App Made a Pizza Box That Turns Into a Smokeable Pipe for 4/20

Normally you smoke weed and then have an uncontrollable urge to eat pizza. But mobile app Push for Pizza suggests you do it the other way around—and has the perfect invention to make it happen. The app recently collaborated with the Nikolas Gregory design studio to create a very special pizza box, one section of which peels away and folds into a smokeable pipe. The cardboard forms the sides of the pipe, and the little plastic piece that keeps the box top from crushing the pizza becomes the bowl—though it isn't plastic here but temperature-resistant white ceramic.

What Pot Marketers Can Learn From Pills and Booze

As decriminalization, authorized medicinal use and regulated recreational use of marijuana expand across the U.S. at the state level, the cannabis brand experience is transforming.

Snoop Dogg Is Launching an Ad-Supported Social Network for Marijuana Aficionados

Snoop Dogg is launching an ad-supported social network called Merry Jane for users and sellers of cannabis products. The rapper announced the move at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference this afternoon, saying the platform would launch next month with the perfect number of beta users—420. 

This Oregon Newspaper Is Looking for a Marijuana Critic

With Oregon becoming the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana last month, Portland's major daily newspaper is looking to grow its cannabis coverage.

The 10 Most Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats of the Week

The 10 most intriguing numbers from digital marketing over the last week include new data on the explosion of legal marijuana marketing as well as stats that show how online video continues to grow.

Ben & Jerry’s Has Brought Back Apple’s ‘1984’ as a Burrito Anthem for Stoners

Parodies of Apple's "1984" continue to surface at the oddest of times—such as 4/20, America's unofficial day of marijuana appreciation. Ben & Jerry's has created the spot below to celebrate the Brrr-ito's bold assault on the despotic repression of ... ice cream sandwiches. It's admittedly a rather odd metaphor and cultural callback, but somehow it still works. So check out the spot, then get ready to "have one rolled for you" on Monday.