Buy this stereo despite the psycho hamster

The commercial above, by Lowe Brindfors in Sweden for an electronics retailer, picks up where advertising's previous psychotic rodents left off—in particular, the kidney-eating guinea pig from the G4 Midnight […]

PSA reminder: you’re an ass when you drink

Lowe Bull wisely avoids the clichés of the genre in these alcohol-awareness ads for South Africa's Association for Responsible Alcohol Use. I expected a bloody fistfight in the "Rugby" spot […]

Race relations a whole lot better in a hot tub

It's refreshing, after all this Sotomayor business, to see advertising from countries where mentioning race doesn't automatically beckon wingnuts. Above is a detail from this larger McCann-Lowe ad from Belgium […]

Do good now, don’t come back as a maggot

Matthew Bull was recently named global chief creative officer of Lowe. I wonder if he got the job based on this (intentionally) disgusting campaign his office, Lowe Bull, did for […]

The greatest, most heroic shampoo ad ever

This commercial from Lowe Bangkok for Clear shampoo gets to the very heart of the age-old human-vs.-dandruff struggle: It’s an epic, poetic, otherworldly battle between ice-arrow-wielding brunette warrior-hairs and freaky […]

Don’t kick the dog or mop the floor with him

Lowe Bull in South Africa has fashioned a pair of new "Stop the abuse" ads for the Animal Anti-Cruelty League. This one imagines a dog as a soccer ball; another […]

ALS Canada’s ads just as unsettling in print

Lowe Roche in Toronto and the ALS Society of Canada crafted one of the more emotionally wrenching TV spots of 2008: this one, with the children's song "Head and Shoulders" […]

Stella Artois feels tipsy with holiday cheer

This visually appealing Stella Artois holiday microsite from Lowe and Psyop tells the tale of a master paper-cut craftsman who creates a magical wintry world. I always wanted to be […]

Canadian ALS spot sets a new bar for grim

This is one emotionally jarring PSA by Lowe Roche for the ALS Society of Canada. The family images and children’s song “Head and Shoulders” start out fast-paced and joyous, then […]

Delicate Balance

Just hours earlier, Frank Lowe breezed into Interpublic Group's annual meeting wearing an outrageous paisley jacket—his nod to Lon don's swinging '60s in an airless auditorium of Connecticut suits. Now sitting in his 48th-floor New York office at One Dag Hammarskjold, his love of flourish is still very much on view.