Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Has Now Revealed Its Fourth Marketing Metrics Problem Since September

Facebook has been undervaluing iPhone audiences on certain posts by Instant Articles publishers, per its blog post on Friday.

Google Launched Faster-Loading Mobile Pages Today for a Bevy of News Sites

Google AMP officially launched today, and the search giant's new feature promises to help some mobile pages load more quickly and combat ad fraud.

Facebook Is Updating Instant Articles to Help Publishers Make More Money

Facebook is updating its policies for Instant Articles, per a rep with the company, which could mean up to 40 percent more ads for publishers on the platform.

Google Is Making the Mobile Web Faster for Publishers and Their Readers

Every second counts with often impatient mobile users, so Google wants to help publishers reduce the time it takes their articles to load when viewed on smartphones.

As Media Consumption Becomes Liquid Across Platforms, Brands Better Learn How to Surf

Today's consumer is crossing screens, jumping between smartphones and laptops and smart TVs, watching short- and long-form video at a steady clip, and consuming news, information and entertainment at a velocity never seen before.

With Facebook’s Instant Articles, Publishers Contemplate a Social-First World

Reports from the last few weeks hinted it was coming, but the debut of Facebook's Instant Articles made plenty of publishers' hair stand on end this morning anyway. And why wouldn't they react in that fashion?