Ken Bone Gets a Second Shot at His 15 Minutes by Telling Americans to Vote in This Izod Ad

Ken Bone, America's favorite mustached-man-turned-meme of the 2016 presidential campaign, has teamed up with the very brand that made him famous in the first place—Izod.The Belleville, Ill., resident became an internet celebrity this month after he asked a question of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at their debate in St. Louis while wearing a bright red half-zip Izod sweater.The sweater, his mild manner and the sight of him snapping pics with a disposable camera at the debate quickly made him the man of the night. A new video begins at Bone's house where he puts on his glasses, grabs one of about a dozen identical red Izod sweaters off its hanger and pins on a button that simply reads, "Vote." Soon, he's posing for selfies outside the U.S. Capitol, using another disposable camera to take photos of the Lincoln Memorial and talking to dozens of fans while spreading the good news of democracy.

Adweek, YouTube Partner on Super Bowl Ad Hub

Adweek and YouTube are co-hosting a Super Bowl party—one that will last for a week.

8 of the Most Extreme Extreme-Weather Ads

Friends: The megastorm is upon us. Hopefully you've all got your flashlights, water, and ammunition at the ready as Sandy bears down on our fair shores. With all the preparations in order, we couldn't help but look back on some of the most outlandish foul weather ads of years past.

Six Questions: Robert Dalrymple

Six Questions: Robert Dalrymple