Ad Fraud

Ad Industry Launches Effort to Combat Rampant Fraud

A new group designed to combat industry-wide ad fraud is up and running with a host of big-name companies on its board.

Nearly 25% of Video Ad Views Are Fraudulent, and 6 Other Alarming Stats

Bot fraud, digital advertising's albatross, will suck $6.3 billion from the industry next year, according to a much anticipated report highlighting the threat from the Association of National Advertisers and WhiteOps.

Online Fraud’s Next Victim: Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising’s lack of a cookie—a nugget of data that tracks consumers’ digital activity—is both a blessing and a curse. While marketers aren’t able to target consumers the same way they can on laptops, ad fraud also has been less prevalent. But now, with the growth of mobile ad budgets, sophisticated scammers are seeing a new lucrative opportunity.

ANA Is Assessing the Extent of Digital Ad Fraud

Thirty members of the Association of National Advertisers are participating in a month-long study to examine just how badly bot fraud is impacting digital campaigns. The ANA has teamed with online fraud detection company White Ops for a project their dubbing "The Marketer's Coalition."

Facebook Claims Baby-Faced Fraudster Used All The Click Tricks

His tabloid name is the Baby-Faced Wolf of Wall Street, and now Facebook wants to paint him as the face of ad fraud.

Fraud Alert: Millions of Video Views Faked in Sophisticated New Bot Scam

A pernicious and sophisticated new form of online click fraud has been uncovered and it’s aimed at digital video advertisers, according to ad software firm TubeMogul.

Google’s Acquisition Boosts Anti-Fraud Team

Google boosted its anti-fraud detection team by acquiring anti-malware company The announcement was posted on the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog this morning.Google said the acquisition of London-based’s seven-member team would add transparency for advertisers.

Bot Problem Keeps Getting Worse

You might think that all the attention placed on questionable traffic and bots and online ad fraud this past year would be having a big impact on the

Ad Verification Firm Pivots to Bot Detection

Suddenly, the anti-bots business is booming.

Online Ad Fraudsters Are Stealing $6 Billion From Brands

The online ad fraud issue is far worse than you think. It involves organized crime, Russian millionaires, ex-bank robbers and one-sixth of the computers in the U.S.