Ad Fraud

Russian Ring of Digital Ad Crooks Is Reportedly Making Over $3 Million a Day

White Ops today reported that a group of Russia-based cybercriminals is stealing $3 million to $5 million daily from premium-video-focused advertisers.

6 Digital Marketing Stats That Caught Our Eye This Week

Check out these six digital marketing stats that grabbed our attention this week.

To Help Fight Fraud and Piracy, GroupM Has Named a ‘Brand Safety’ Executive

GroupM Global announced yesterday that John Montgomery will take on a newly created position within the company, global evp of brand safety.

What’s Being Done to Rein In $7 Billion in Ad Fraud

Long a dirty little secret of the digital media business, the topic of ad fraud has been thrust front and center in discussions among agency executives, advertisers and publishers over the last three years.

Here Are 4 Common Methods That Ad Fraudsters Use to Make Their Ill-Gotten Money

We all know bot-fueled ad fraud is a major problem for digital marketers, but how exactly does it work? Who makes money off fraudulent ad views, and how do they insert themselves into the process?

Bots Will Cost Digital Advertisers $7.2 Billion in 2016, Says ANA Study

Online ad fraud driven by bots will cost brands $7.2 billion globally this year, according to a forecast in a new joint study by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops.

Q&A: Tech Exec Says Publishers Need to Address Ad Blocking ‘Holistically’

While attending CES this week, Antti Pasila, founder and COO of Kiosked, which helps publishers deliver more relevant ads, was glad to take a little time away from the hectic conference to read the news that Forbes (not one of his company

The Online Industry Is Losing $8 Billion a Year, and Ad Blocking Is the Least of Its Worries

Ad blocking is costing the industry $781 million a year—yet makes up only a sliver of the total $8.2 billion lost to major problem areas including bot traffic and content piracy.

This New Program Aims to Stop Ad Bot Owners From Getting Paid

Trustworthy Accountability Group, an anti ad-fraud player, today is announcing a Verified by TAG program that costs $10,000 annually for digital ad sellers like publishers, ad exchanges and agencies to take

How Marketers Can Avoid Getting Stuck in a ‘Badvertising’ Rut

Most of the digital ad industry's concern for more than a year has coalesced around two major obstacles: ad fraud and viewability. Advertisers are concerned whether ads they pay for are actually viewed by real people.