You Don’t Need Millions to Capitalize on the Big Game—Here’s How

Audiences have been declining everywhere except for YouTube

Can’t pay the $5.25 million for a 30-second spot during the big game on February 2? Still want in on the action? You need a YouTube strategy.

That’s why VuePlanner® created its new ebook, “How to Surround the Big Game on YouTube.” The guide dives into how to achieve full-funnel ad campaign success during the sporting event of the year from pre-game targeting to post-game measurement.

Download the complete ebook, “How to Surround the Big Game on YouTube.”

For example, get ahead of the opposing team by leveraging advanced machine learning to ensure brand suitability, forecast video views per collection and optimize targeting in real-time. When applied to events like the big game, this tactic has the power to generate awareness and drive consideration.

Don’t let kickoff catch you off sides, download the ebook.