Why Direct-to-Consumer Disruptors Are Turning to Connected TV

Data management and analytics remains critical

Direct-to-consumers brands grew up on social media to cultivate deep, trusting relationships with their customers and disrupt nearly every industry in the process. But guess what? Now they’re turning to TV for customer acquisition at scale.

While brands like Wayfair, Peloton and Hello Fresh are showing up on the small screen, the big opportunity may actually be connected TV, as dataxu highlights in its new ebook, “CTV: Natural Partner for Fast and Furious D2C Growth.” The guide takes a deep dive into direct-to-consumer business strategies, gathering insights from leaders and examining the data behind CTV advertising to connect CTV to disruptive marketing.

Download the complete ebook, “CTV: Natural Partner for Fast and Furious D2C Growth.”

Delivering on the promise that CTV holds will take a lot of work from brands new and old. Mastery of data management platforms will be crucial to securing the speed and reaction time needed to achieve brand goals. Organizations that are already drenched in data collection and analytics have an advantage, but the platform is continuing to develop, and all will have to stay on their toes to keep up.

As TV continues its digital transformation, marketers need to know how they can take advantage of CTV platforms to scale. Download the ebook to learn how.