What Makes Streaming Consumers Tick?

New research unveils insights into buying behavior and strategies to reduce churn

The surge in streaming service viewership—accelerated by Covid-19’s stay-at-home behavior—shows no sign of abating. In fact, new research by Omdia on behalf of Salesforce predicts that by next year, the streaming industry will be underpinned by 1 billion subscriptions globally.

With new streaming services arriving, the challenge for marketers will be not just acquiring subscribers but keeping them. The Omdia report, “Binge and Churn: Seasonality in Online Video Streaming, explores viewer loyalty with in-depth global consumer behavior research and interviews with executives at top streaming services around the globe.

Check out the complete report, “Binge and Churn: Seasonality in Online Video Streaming.”

Key insights include:

  • The research once again proves that content is king. Over half (55%) consumers said they stay with services that have the widest or best selection of content.
  • It’s not always goodbye forever. Consumers who subscribe to a service just to watch a specific series and cancel when they have finished watching are likely to re-subscribe when the next season of the show comes on.
  • Can people have too much content? Globally, 20% of consumers said they are actively considering canceling one or more services in the next 12 months.

For more on streaming consumers’ behavior and loyalty strategies you can apply, download the complete report today.