What It Takes to Succeed in a Converged TV-Digital World

Drive business outcomes with an audience-based approach

If advertisers want to keep pace with how consumers discover and consume content, a siloed broad-based buying strategy won’t work anymore. To stay competitive, advertisers must take an audience-based approach that targets digital and linear TV audiences in tandem.

Of course, change is never easy. VideoAmp’s new ebook, “Succeeding in a Converged World of TV and Digital” dives into how publishers, marketers and agencies are dealing with the new converged world of TV and digital advertising and offers solutions for success.

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The report found that the majority of brands and agencies continue to plan, measure and execute their TV and digital campaigns in silos. That’s surprising, since the study notes a majority of respondents indicated that they know they must make their cross-screen strategy a priority to stay ahead of the competition.

For insights on how to succeed with an audience-based cross-screen approach in a world of converged TV and digital, download the ebook.