TV-Digital Convergence Is Here and You Need a Plan

Your practical guide to bringing your planning and buying teams together

This is the year that true TV-digital convergence will become part of your advertising strategy, with linear TV, connected TV and digital working together in true omnichannel plans. But here’s the challenge: A convergence strategy requires coordination and planning across all channels, but many media agencies are still doing their traditional TV planning and digital planning separately.

That’s why we created the “The Practical Guide to TV-Digital Convergence.” The guide lays out the technology and organizational needs that TV-digital convergence requires.

Download “The Practical Guide to TV-Digital Convergence”

Simply put, marketers need to understand how to plan and execute converged campaigns that meet their media and business objectives with minimal overlap and maximum reach and efficiency. The guide lays out a three-step approach to make that happen. Converged measurement gets linear TV and digital teams on the same KPI page. Converged planning creates unified, data-driven planning. And the final step—converged management—helps you create a single team to manage upfronts as well as digital, social and other channels.

Start your organization on a path to convergence—download the guide here.