Too Many Marketers Get Identity Resolution Wrong

Programs that are narrow in scope leave value on the table

Identity resolution—combining all the data and insight you have about your customer into a cohesive and addressable profile—is critical to your ability to drive customer engagement and business performance. But less than half of brands are able to leverage them to their full potential. And that’s a huge problem.

A new thought leadership paper from Forrester Consulting commissioned by Epsilon-Conversant identifies this disconnect. “Is Your Identity Program Built on a House of Cards” found that many identity resolution programs today fail to truly measure business and marketing performance and that many programs are not set up on a sufficiently robust set of identifiers to empower identity resolution’s full set of available benefits.

Download the full study, “Is Your Identity Program Built on a House of Cards? Brands Risk Missing Key Business Benefits With Unfocused Identity Resolution Programs”

Using results of an exclusive survey of 205 marketers, the paper highlights three key challenges:

  • Too many programs are unable to measure business and marketing performance. This represents a giant missed opportunity to harness identity resolution to gain insights and drive better business outcomes.
  • Lack of C-level buy-in and organizational alignment contributes to problems. This leads to continued misalignment of programs.
  • Many programs are too narrow in scope. Brands must demand, both of themselves and their vendor partners, a fuller understanding of the customer.

Don’t less your investment go to waste—download the thought leadership paper here.