The Social Advertising Trends Disrupting Retail Marketers

How their spending on social will change in the next year

Retail marketers are increasingly turning to social channels to drive growth, but many still face significant barriers to creating impactful social campaigns. Content creation and curation, aligning teams towards common goals and getting away from time-consuming manual processes are some of the bottlenecks they need to overcome.

Exclusive research from, eTail and WBR Insights – “Social Advertising Trends in Retail: A 2020 Perspective.” – takes a deep dive into the social landscape to discern where, why and how much marketers are spending on social and what challenges will require new solutions in 2020.

Download the complete report, “Social Advertising Trends in Retail: A 2020 Perspective.”

The findings include:

  • Facebook dominates. Nearly all respondents (95%) expect to increase their ad spend on Facebook in 2020. This makes sense, as a plurality (41%) report seeing the best return on ad spend from the platform.
  • Well over half (61%) of respondents said that social ad creation and delivery involves time-consuming manual processes. Consequently, 83% of companies are interested in automating at least some social ad processes.
  • Increased collaboration between social advertising and creative teams will be a priority for 51% of companies in 2020.

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