New Research Reveals Top 2020 Marketing Challenges and How to Tackle Them

Marketing leaders are unsure that their messaging and positioning hits the mark

As they head into 2020, more than half of marketers are not confident that their brand positioning strategies, advertising messages and value proposition hit the mark.

This anxiety comes as these marketers see 2020 as the year they put their true customer-centric visions into action. Tasked with driving growth, one in two marketers believe improving customer experience has the greatest impact — and C-suites are now on board, according to “The 2020 Global Marketing Strategy Report,” a study of 750 marketing leaders conducted by Kelton Global. The challenge: Making sure they know enough about their customers to actually implement these strategies.

Check out the full findings of the “2020 Global Marketing Strategy Report.”

The commitment to the customer is set to overtake almost all other priorities in 2020. In fact, 37% of those surveyed said that improving the customer experience was top priority, compared to 36% who said that a main focus was acquiring new customers. To achieve this, respondents will strategically increase their budgets in areas that help them understand and engage with customers like social media marketing and influencer partnerships. They’ll also invest in customer-centric marketing tactics like market segmentation and customer experience research.

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