The Challenge, the Pivot and the Lesson: Your Guide to Customer Experience in the Next Normal

The 3 themes to know as you rethink your customer engagements

What’s one thing Covid-19 hasn’t changed? Consumers’ high expectations. Meeting them in today’s digital-first world means innovating and moving with extreme agility and empathy.

So, what have top brands done to accomplish this? How did a leading retailer become a drive-in theater? Why did a QSR transform from selling soup and sandwiches to become a produce market? Our new ebook, “Customer Experience in the Next Normal: Lessons in Agility for Media Marketers,” goes deep inside the strategies and tactics of agile brands and organizations that have pivoted to create customer experiences that speak to the now.

Get actionable advice from the new ebook, “Customer Experience in the Next Normal: Lessons in Agility for Media Marketers.”

For example, when top agency Wunderman Thompson had to cancel its annual live event celebrating brand creativity, it knew it couldn’t just leave its audience in the lurch. Working at hyperspeed, the agency embraced its constraints and set out to create Sofa Sets, a virtual music festival, in just five days. While it didn’t go perfectly, the agency was still able to host an event that connected deeply with its audience and accomplished its goals.

For more lessons about how companies like Wunderman Thompson, Panera Bread, Walmart and others were able to pivot and make customer experiences for the next normal, download the guide.