The Advertiser’s To-Do List for Successful Addressable TV Campaigns

New ebook details how to thrive in the new TV landscape

More than three quarters of advertisers believe that bringing greater addressability to their TV campaigns would be valuable, per research from Comcast and Advertiser Perceptions. And eight in 10 say they’re interested in using addressable TV in the next 12 months.

Clearly, the demand for addressable TV is there. But how can advertisers ensure their campaigns have an impact? Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, created a new ebook, “Addressable TV: Driving Results in the New TV Landscape,” to break down down the landscape and provide a checklist for executing trouble-free addressable TV campaigns.

Download the complete ebook, “Addressable TV: Driving Results in the New TV Landscape.”

The ebook’s key learnings include:

  • An overview of addressable TV advertising and how audience-based tactics work.
  • How addressable TV can provide value throughout the entire consumer purchase funnel, not just for awareness,
  • The five steps every advertiser should follow for a smooth and effective addressable TV program.

Maximize your return on addressable campaigns, download the ebook today.