The 4 Remote Work Trends You Need to Know Before Making Your Next Hire

Being a good recruiter and employer in 2020 means keeping up with the times

Like everything else, talent recruitment and retention for creative and marketing teams is experiencing high disruption. With more people working remotely—and liking it (74% of workers would quit their job if offered more flexible options elsewhere, per Softchoice)—brands and agencies not only need to offer more remote positions, but also increase compensation and benefits for these workers.

This is one of the key findings of the latest edition of Creative On Call’s annual report on marketer salaries—“The Creative 2021 Salary Guide.” From hiring teams vs. individuals to the competition for talent with up-to-date digital skillsets, the report identifies the trends, costs and challenges hiring teams need to confront right now.

Find out the going rate for creatives and marketers in the “Creative 2021 Salary Guide”

Among the trends covered:

  • There are large discrepancies between salaries for in-house and agency creatives. An in-house marketing data analyst makes an average of $56,000 while the same position at an agency nets $105,000.
  • The competition for digitally savvy creatives is fierce. Companies will need to be more competitive with their compensation, flexible work options and hiring processes to attract and retain talent with the right digital skillsets.
  • Brands can shorten the recruitment process by hiring teams instead of individual candidates. This can increase efficiency because members already work well together.

Stay on top of the latest hiring trends for contract and full-time workers; download the report today.