Personalization Beyond the Buzz

Your definitive guide to mastering personalization once and for all

Marketers love to talk up the power of personalization, but the truth is there are still a lot of misconceptions about what personalization means. That’s why we put together “Personalization from A to Z” as your go-to guide for everything you need to know about creating, testing and launching personalization campaigns.

Check out “Personalization from A to Z”

It’s clear from the number of fails floating around the internet that marketers are confused about how to approach personalized campaigns. From defining audience segments to aligning messaging and internal stakeholders, the guide breaks it down to the basics:

• Common personalization fails and how to fix them: From mismatched messaging to products that follow you, every missed opportunity has a simple fix.

• The jargon you need to know: Personalization has a language of its own. These are the terms and definitions you’re likely to run into.

• Case study: Crate & Barrel is a personalization whiz and its solution to a common problem illustrates how personalization can create new opportunities.

Don’t get overwhelmed by personalization. Learn the best practices for mastering your next campaign.