Here’s How Honda and Political Candidates Revolutionized Digital Targeting

For decades, TV advertisers have relied on ratings and demographic or geographic segments to buy ads. Wasted impressions and inefficient spending were just part of doing business.

3 Things to Know About the Next Generation of People-Based Marketing

The rise of digital media and addressable platforms (read: The black boxes of ad networks) has come at the expense of the engaging and personalized experiences mastered by marketers of the direct marketing era. But that needn't be the case anymore. People-based marketing is getting a digital makeover.

3 GIFs That Explain Why Facebook Topic Data Is an Advertising Game Changer

Brand marketers that use social media listening tools may think they have no shortage of data to go to when they need customer insights—posts, likes, shares and links are a great way to get a better understanding of your audience. However, there's one source of data that your social stack is missing: Facebook topic data.

What Everyone Will Be Talking About at the NewFronts This Year

No longer a sideshow to the glitzy, glad-handing TV UpFronts, the Digital Content NewFronts have come into their own. A digital offshoot of traditional television's annual ad sales event, the NewFronts have steadily grown since they launched five years ago.

3 Things the Most Advanced Marketers and Their Agencies Are Doing Today

When something is overwhelming and complex, people gravitate to simple solutions. For example, free trade and immigration are messy issues at the forefront of this year's presidential race. Yet 'build a wall' has emerged the fix-all campaign promise from a leading candidate.

What Experts Are Saying About the Impact of Digital on TV Advertising

Why isn't TV advertising more like digital?

What Netflix and BuzzFeed Can Teach Brands About Building Seamless Experiences

Remember when binge watching was an indulgence reserved for a sick day or snowstorm? Well, those days are over. A recent study revealed that almost a third of U.S. consumers binge-watch TV shows on a weekly basis.

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Traditionally, brands and agencies rely on a network of freelancers for their creative work.

8 Stats About the Kind of Content That Boosts Brand Engagement

When advertisers buy TV spots, they think about eyeballs—how many, what ages, etc. It's how things are done. However, new research shows that the content that surrounds ads cannot be ignored.

How AirBnB and Adidas Are Catering to the Convenience Economy

A few days ago I walked into my kitchen and interrupted my 2 and a half year-old son, Max, in mid-conversation with our Alexa. She was telling him dad jokes, and he was loving it. Alexa is a voice-activated speaker from Amazon, and the beginning of what could become a fully automated home experience for a mass audience. To Max, she's a friend.