It’s Not All Selfies and Cat Videos—Get to Know the Snapchat Generation

New guide answers all of your burning questions about Gen Z

Did you know that Snapchatters are 34% more likely than non-Snapchatters to buy from brands that support their local community?

Stats like these bust the misconceptions many marketers have about the Snapchat generation. They’re not glued to their phones taking selfies. To help you connect with this critical audience more authentically, a new guide, “Meet the Snapchat Generation,” examines how Snapchatters communicate, what influences them and what they want from brands.

Don’t miss out on the complete guidebook to Gen Z, “Meet the Snapchat Generation.”

Other highlights include:

  • Three quarters (75%) of Snapchatters say that vertical video is more personal and immersive. Tap into this preference by using vertical videos and AR lenses to create richer shopping environments.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of social responsibility. As Ian Trombetter, SVP of social and influence marketing at the NFL, puts it: “The Snapchat generation is a generation that’s not going to take no for an answer. They’re demanding meaningful change, especially in the areas of what’s ethically and morally right.”

These are insights on the Snapchat generation that you have to know. Download the guide today.