In Challenging Times, Understanding Your Data Is More Important Than Ever

New research reveals that many marketers still face major challenges

In uncertain times, data and measurement are more crucial than ever.

But a new research report from Dataroma, “Marketing Intelligence Report: Data, Growth and the New Marketing Mandate,”  found that many marketers still lack a single source of truth and struggle with data integration and optimization. The report contains insights from over 150 marketing decision-makers and dives into what specific challenges they face and how they are overcoming them.

Download the complete research report, “Marketing Intelligence Report: Data, Growth and the New Marketing Mandate.”

For example,

  • Customer preferences are changing faster than ever but only 20% of respondents said they have real-time or daily access to cross-channel marketing performance data.
  • With budgets in flux, efficiency is more critical than ever. Yet, 52% of marketers hope to improve on optimizing marketing spend.
  • Marketers are making progress in addressing these challenges, with 49% of respondents claiming support from executive leadership in creating a data-driven culture and 44% citing investment in marketing analytics platforms and technology.

Download the full report for more insights on the key ways that data impacts decision-making and marketing success.