How AI Will Change Your Approach to Influencer Marketing

A new ebook shows the technology at work

There are thousands of potential influencers out there, so how do you find the one that’s right for your brand? Consider this: No human can watch millions of videos, images and posts to find the person best suited to a brand’s position and KPIs. But AI can.

To show AI influencer analytics in action, BEN created a new ebook, “Customized AI Is the Future of Influencer Marketing.” It looks at how the technology makes decision-making smarter and faster. For example, deep learning analyzes structured and unstructured data to help marketers identify the best influencers for their campaigns and accurately predict just how many conversions each influencer will generate. This can cut down on wasted budget and ensure a higher ROI.

Check out the full ebook “Customized AI Is the Future of Influencer Marketing.”

The guide also showcases case studies of how brands have used AI to increase the impact of their influencer campaigns:

  • When SVOD platform Philo first launched, it focused its outreach on a specific demographic. But after using an AI algorithm to analyze its audience and campaign data, it found that targeting moms and mentioning favorite shows in brand integrations would drive more conversions. At the end of the day, clickthrough rates jumped by 172% and subscriptions increased by 10x.
  • Photo album app Chatbooks used AI to reveal which influencer channels would work best, and its subsequent brand integrations increased their customer acquisition from influencers by 6x, and led to a 1.5x organic lift in customer acquisitions.

Stop wasting time trying to find influencers—download the guide here.