How AI Will Change the Insights You’ll Get from Social Media

The 3-Minute Cheat Sheet to the Future of Social Media Intelligence

Simple social listening won’t cut it anymore. You need to make the switch to social media intelligence.

It’s not just another buzzword. “The 3-Minute Cheat Sheet to the Future of Social Media Intelligence” looks at how social intelligence combines social listening best practices with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This ensures brands have the kind of predictive analytics that can turn social insights into bottom-line results.

Download the complete ebook “The 3-Minute Cheat Sheet to the Future of Social Media Intelligence.”

Building your social intelligence strategy starts with focusing on what you want the outcomes to be. For example, what audiences do you want to hear from? And what topics do you want to focus on? From there, you can move beyond the basics to focus on things like audience discovery and competitor analysis. The last step is where it gets real—human intelligence is brought back to take advantage of the trends you’ve surfaced, enabling you to create a strategy to move forward.

Knowing the fundamental elements of this new approach to social media allows you to move on from agonizing over data points, to surfacing brand-changing insights. Download the guide to get started putting your social data into action.