Give the People What They Want: Building a Better Mobile Ad

Don't be that annoying ad

We’re in the business of giving people what they want. And when 80 percent of consumers make purchases on their phones—many of them on a monthly basis—it’s pretty clear that what people want are good mobile experiences.

Yet only half of brands have mobile-optimized websites, and nearly a quarter spend less than 10 percent of their budgets on mobile advertising. Stats like these are cause for major concern, and our new report, “Give Consumers What They Want: Mastering Mobile Advertising,” offers key industry insights and actionable advice for building a better mobile ad.

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Bad mobile ads bog down user experience with slow load times, repetitive targeting and in-your-face formats that annoy consumers and lead to ad blocker adoption. But as we show in our report, designing mobile ads that are seamless and elegant leads to better experiences and more engaged consumers.

For more insights and advice from industry leaders, download our guide to make sure your mobile ads aren’t missing the mark.