Entering the Era of Hyper-Personalization

The skills, strategies and channels to take CX to the next level

If the last decade was all about digital, the next one will be all about identity. Because how can you deliver the frictionless, relevant experiences customers demand if you can’t identify them across touchpoints?

You can’t, which is why Merkle created its new ebook, “Hyper-Personalization and the Connected Customer Experience.” Featuring insights from Merkle’s top thinkers, the ebook dives into the skills, channels and strategies you need to create identity-based, hyper-personalized experiences.

Download the complete ebook, “2020 Marketing Imperatives: Hyper-Personalization and the Connected Customer Experience.”

Some key insights include:

  • To keep the entire organization focused on the customer experience, create KPIs that prioritize building deep customer relationships.
  • To stay agile, keep any strategic capability that represents a core competency in-house.
  • While technology is an important enabler of identity, it won’t work unless the business is aligned around it.

Start actually delivering on the promise of right person, right time, right message by downloading the ebook today.