Don’t Mess This Up—How Brands Can Do Better With Customer Data

Earning trust to generate value

Trust lies at the heart of the modern customer experience. In today’s world, gaining that trust hinges on how you handle customer data.

So how do you know if your brand’s data infrastructure is in working order? And how can you take action once you’ve earned a consumer’s trust? Acxiom’s new ebook, “The Data Trust Imperative,” takes a deep look at what trust really means today. It outlines the six convictions of data trust, offers suggestions on how to see the cracks in your tech stack and highlights examples from Airbnb, Uber and Heathrow Airport.

Download the complete ebook, “The Data Trust Imperative.”

To start, you need to get your data house in order. This means unifying your data layer so that it informs and is informed by all systems of engagement. This is where you should work to get your data, creative and media teams behind an integrated strategy. From there you can start working on a privacy-first tech stack and actively managing trust.

For more details on how to gain—and keep—consumers’ trust download the ebook here.