Why Brands Still Can’t Seem to Master Customer Experience

Exclusive Adweek Intelligence study finds data-driven marketing at the crossroads

Brand marketers know that differentiation today comes from a great customer experience. But they’re not there yet. And what’s keeping them from becoming more experience focused is a mix of cultural and technological issues.

According to an exclusive Adweek Intelligence survey of more than 300 marketers conducted for the recent NexTech conference – “Data-Driven Marketing at the Crossroads: 2019 NexTech Study,” – one in three say their efforts are hindered by a lack of CX ownership within their organizations. Another 29% believe they’re being held back because they’re not using the data tools they already have or because they lack a cohesive data strategy

Check out the exclusive Adweek Intelligence research,“Data-Driven Marketing at the Crossroads: 2019 NexTech Study.”

The study found that over the next 12-24 months, companies will create the technology foundation that ensures they’re customer-centric. Looking ahead to 2020, three-quarters of agency and brand marketers expect to increase their spending on ad tech and mar tech stacks, with 1 in 4 expecting budgets to jump 25% or more. Nearly 7 out of 10 say measurement and analytics tools are their top investment priority, followed by data management platforms (43%) and journey/experience management platforms (37%).

The survey also looks at other key tech issues, including data privacy and regulatory preparedness. To find out more on what the future holds for data-driven marketers, download the research here.