Data and Collaboration Will Win the Omnishopper

A new type of consumer has emerged: The “omnishopper,” one who browses and buys across devices and screens, online and offline. This is causing the world of online and offline to converge as retailers and brands seek to transform their businesses to reach, know and inspire these shoppers.

So how do retailers and brands adapt? Can they compete with giants like Amazon that offer easy, integrated shopping experiences that consumers want? One thing is certain: Data is the secret weapon. Having more of it and using it the right way doesn’t just win battles, it wins the future.

Data is required on a mass scale and it needs to be granular—not just what shoppers purchased, but what they viewed, on what device, on what day, during what season, how they arrived on that page and where they went next. With data in-hand, retailers and brands can then take the next step and successfully activate it to generate sales.

Criteo, in partnership with Forbes Insights, recently surveyed more than 500 senior marketing executives about their massive need for data. The study found that marketers are fully aware of the power digital giants have, and their potential to control access and dictate the rules of engagement. In fact, almost four out of five marketers indicated that customer data is core to their business strategy, and they are invested in successfully collecting and using data across all channels and phases of the buyer journey.

Through participation in a commerce marketing ecosystem that sees $550 billion in annual sales, Criteo hopes to arm retailers and brands with accessible, broader data sets and the intelligent technology to optimize that data for relevant audiences. The industry has made it very clear—they need and want an open, transparent and collaborative commerce marketing ecosystem.
This includes access to pooled and massive data sets, machine-learning technology, an extensive, premium media network and an opportunity to bring brand funding to their online storefronts.

Retailers and brands need access to more and current shopper data and with few exceptions, they can’t get this on their own. By collaborating and pooling data, there is an opportunity to increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

How individual retailers and brands navigate the evolving retail landscape, understand and engage with the omnichannel shopper, and master the effective use of offline and online data will transform our world and create a new set of winners. Businesses that innovate their data use by collaborating to achieve scale won’t just win the battle. They’ll win the future.


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