Is the Call Center Marketing’s Best-Kept Secret?

Marketers often overlook this trove of valuable first-party consumer data

Let’s be frank. If marketers didn’t have conversion rates, engagement numbers and email open rates to prove ROI, many would be out of a job.

But there’s still one place where many struggle to achieve attribution—the call center. It’s frequently where the most valuable conversions take place and where it’s most common for marketers to leave attribution data on the table. If you can’t prove the dollars you spend create conversions, you have a big problem.

That’s why Invoca created its new ebook, “The Call Tracking Study Guide for Marketers.” to help you understand how call tracking software helps marketers access the last untapped source of first-party consumer data.

Download the complete guide “The Call Tracking Study Guide For Marketers”

The guide breaks down the impact call tracking can have, talks you through the technology and, most importantly, arms you with the insights you need to implement it and get results. Learnings include:

• How AI can analyze phone conversations to extract actionable information like intent, phrase patterns and optimization opportunities.

• The facts behind marketing tall tales like bots are gimmicky, AI has to be manually trained and you need in-house engineers to track calls.

• How to attribute calls to unique consumer touchpoints like emails and social ads.

Get the credit you deserve—download the guide to learn how.