Control Over Social Media Assets Is More Important Than Ever

3 ways to avoid PR disasters and usage right fines

During times of uncertainty, social media can either drive powerful connections or cause tremendous downfalls for brands. The difference between a social strategy that wins with consumers and one that doesn’t is control and governance over all content. Because without control, how do you really know what’s in front of your consumers?

From the largest brands to up and coming startups, having visibility over what is on your social channels from a local, regional and global level will be critical in the coming weeks and months. Here are three things to be aware of.

Establish and maintain control

Over the next few months, it’s critical that you do everything in your power to ensure that no insensitive imagery or messaging goes to market. While social media typically takes a backseat to this kind of monitoring, it’s imperative that brand managers and approvers have visibility over all social assets as they pivot strategies to drive online engagement.

With marketing teams dispersed around the world, coordinating campaign launches has become even more challenging.  Utilizing platforms that can set up an approval process for all social posts but also unpublish content with the click of a button is key to avoiding insensitivity in the market and mitigating usage rights violation fines.

Steer clear of usage rights violations

Did you know that using unapproved or expired creative with talent can lead to lofty usage rights violation fines? Whether you did or didn’t, the next question is whether you have control of all of your assets and know what teams are using what content where.

To avoid usage rights fines and save valuable time, money and resources, centralize all of your social content on one platform. By consolidating your content into a cloud-based asset management platform, all teams will have instant access to approved content. If you’ve set up workflow approvals, then you can rest peacefully knowing that all of the content on your brand’s social channels has gone through the proper approval process and that there won’t be any costly PR nightmares down the road.

Create coherence

Consistency is key but when using different systems, it’s easy for assets to end up in the wrong place or for the wrong assets to be used. With a single library for all your cross-channel media, your marketing team will have visibility over approved, scheduled and published assets in a single dashboard view.

This provides total visibility and coherence and mitigates the possibility of negative backlash against your brand. By centralizing your platforms into one consolidated tech stack, marketing teams can thrive (from home). Cloud-based platforms will continue to drive productivity within marketing teams and allow for collaboration from the couch.

As a marketer in the social media age, you know how critical it is to react quickly. Whether it’s control or scalability, One Social from Adstream is here to help your brand’s social media content supply chain.

Trevor Williams is the global marketing director for Adstream where he is paving the way for continued digital transformation in a highly competitive industry. Before joining Adstream, he did marketing at Samsung.