5 Things Driving Customer Experience Into the Future

New research reveals key ways marketers can prepare today for tomorrow

What consumers want and need from brands has shifted wildly over the past month. It’s hard to think about what the next year or even decade holds for customer experience when you aren’t sure what’s going to happen next week.

Nevertheless, you need to understand the creative strategies, technologies and perceptions that will shape the customer experience over the next decade. A new ebook from SAS, “Customer Experience—Now and Into the Future,” identifies five key themes that are going to drive CX, based on an exclusive survey of 4,000 consumers, executives, marketers and tech experts.

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Key insights from the study include:

  • There’s a significant gap between how consumers feel about technology and how brands think they feel. For example, only 35% of consumers agreed that they are uneasy with technology in stores, but 78% of brands identified that as an issue.
  • The future of engagement will come from new and emerging technologies. Brands estimate that by 2030, 66% of customer engagement will be completed by smart machines.
  • Data privacy is still causing a rift between consumers and brands. Three out of four (76%) consumers are concerned with the amount of data brands gather.

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