New York Times’ Powerful Ad; Facebook cracks down on QAnon: Thursday’s First Things First

Plus, was keyword blocking actually as bad as we thought?

Coney Island is one of the settings of the narrative in Droga5's latest ad for The New York Times. The New York Times
Headshot of Jameson Fleming

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The New York Times Tells Over 100 Stories in 2 Minutes in New Work From Droga5

Droga5 has produced some remarkable work over the past couple years for The New York Times for its “The truth is worth it” campaign, including:

Instead of focusing on a single story for its latest ad, Droga5 uses over 100 New York Times stories to tell a narrative set to the tune of jazz artist Makaya McCraven’s song Requests. Watch it here.

More great creative from yesterday:

Facebook Cracks Down on QAnon Content

On the same day President Donald Trump responded to a question about internet conspiracy fringe group QAnon with “I don’t know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate,” Facebook took decisive action. The platform booted accounts promoting QAnon, banning 790 groups, 100 pages, 1,500 ads and blocked 300 hashtags across Facebook and Instagram.

Read more: QAnon isnt the only group Facebook cracked down on.

Was Keyword Blocking as Bad as We Thought?

One of the focuses for Sleeping Giants’ co-founder Nandini Jammi in her new venture Check My Ads [read our feature on her here] is to look at brands’ use of keyword blocking in order to better fund publishers. During the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, publishers widely reported a drop in CPMs, which was often blamed on keyword blocking. DoubleVerify revealed a piece of good news, however, as it found keyword blocking actually dropped year over year. Read more about DoubleVerify’s findings here.

Havas Appoints DEI Advisory Committee in North America

Last month, Havas revealed it would create a DEI Advisory Committee when it released diversity numbers, which were in line with other holding companies and showed a lack of diversity in executive and management roles. Yesterday, Havas announced who would make up the committee, which will oversee diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and integrate such efforts across Havas. See the full committee here.