Your Cookieless Campaign Strategy Starts With Efficiency

Your Cookieless Campaign Strategy Starts With Efficiency

The right technology can authenticate and target audiences without third-party cookies

As the cookieless future looms, efficiently identifying and targeting customers is critical—and achievable. Using technology that accurately authenticates digital traffic and targets audiences with precision, it’s possible for brands to earn a 343% ROI on their ad campaigns.

LiveRamp commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study that shows how marketers can reap significant savings by matching their first-party data points against authenticated publisher audiences and efficiently activate that data while addressing and measuring ad impressions and touchpoints without the use of third-party data.

Forrester’s discoveries include:

  • Marketing budget upsides: Millions can be saved through marketing budget efficiencies.
  • Incremental returns add up: Companies can save nearly $1.4 million in ROAS from people-based, cookieless advertising.
  • No-cookie savings: Marketers can reduce their reliance on third-party data providers for audience targeting, as well as costs.

Familiarize yourself with technology that can streamline your campaigns. Download the study now.