Why Direct Mail Spend Is Actually Rising

Why Direct Mail Spend Is Actually Rising

An antidote to rising digital costs and privacy concerns

Over the past year, 86% of marketers have actually increased or maintained their direct mail use. Why? Consumers trust tangible media when making purchase decisions and brands rely on it to smooth data privacy friction and relieve digital burnout.

These insights come from SeQuel’s “2022 Direct Mail Industry Benchmark Study,” which features results of an exclusive survey of top b-to-c and b-to-b marketers.

Key findings include:

  • Direct mail delivers: Marketers indicated that direct mail receives the highest ROI of all media, at 112%.
  • Digital is costly: Over half of surveyed respondents chose mail to escape the rising customer acquisition costs of digital channels.
  • Integration is everything: Nine out of ten respondents have coordinated, or plan to coordinate, campaigns to drive traffic from direct mail to digital channels.

The results are in—direct mail is back and better than ever. Download the report.

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