The 4 Stages of Digital Maturity

The 4 Stages of Digital Maturity

Use your first-party data to enhance the customer experience

The modern digital consumer may be everywhere all at once, but marketers still face the challenge of finding them at the right moment with the right message. To provide the kind of customer experience that’s expected, marketers need to create real value through their tech stack, their models and their measurement—aka their digital maturity.

Making Science’s new white paper, “Guiding Your Digital Maturity,” helps marketers understand the four stages of digital maturity, assess which stage they are in and how they can advance while using first-party data to improve customer experience.

Insights include:

  • Integrate media reporting: By consolidating media spend data from multiple platforms, you can better track total expenditures and make more informed decisions.
  • De-duplicate conversions: To understand the full impact of your online advertising, it’s critical to attribute each conversion to only one channel.
  • Personalize CX with AI: Unified data can help create a unique identity for each customer, enabling you to deliver relevant messages at each touchpoint.

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