Take Advantage of the Latest Mobile Explosion

Take Advantage of the Latest Mobile Explosion

From mcommerce best practices to privacy

Time spent with mobile devices has surpassed time spent watching TV. That’s more than a nice talking point. It means that mobile marketing is no longer secondary; everything else is. But what do today’s consumers really want from a mobile experience? How are they using mobile to shop? And where does it fit in with the rest of the buying journey?

You’ve got to approach mobile marketing with a fresh sense of urgency. Our new guide, “The New Mobile Landscape: Facts to Know and Actions to Take,” examines the state of mobile today. It breaks down the sudden changes occurring in the mobile shopping journey, explains how to get on the right side of all things privacy, and provides best practices for mobile success based on actions from top brands.

The guide’s highlights include:

  • Making the BOPIS experience seamless: Buy online, pick up in store is now mainstream and has opened up new opportunities for engagement and product discovery.
  • What’s the deal with mobile privacy? Get a timeline of the key shifts in mobile privacy and find out how to move past IDFA.
  • Tips from top performers: Find out why a leading QSR with a huge TV budget suddenly shifted to high-quality, in-app advertising to connect more deeply with a key demographic.

Serve your customers in the new mobile era—download the guide today.

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