Mastering Identity Unlocks the Promise of Addressability

Mastering Identity Unlocks the Promise of Addressability

The foundation of personalization at scale

To better understand and accurately target connected consumers, advertisers need to tap into a richer, three-dimensional view of identity. But to do that, they must align devices to households and individuals to ensure audiences are fully addressable across devices and inventory.

To help advertisers unlock addressability’s full power, TransUnion’s “Addressable Advertising Guide” tackles techniques to deliver scaled, personalized advertising that engages the always-connected consumer.

Key insights include:

  • The connected landscape is more complex: On average, U.S. households have 16 connected devices. Advertisers must prepare accordingly.
  • Digital video propels data-driven targeting: As more ad dollars are committed to digital video, audience-based targeting will continue to rise in prominence.
  • Identity resolution is critical to privacy: Without cookies, sophisticated and accurate identity is key to executing campaigns with consistency and scale.

Mastering identity is crucial to building an impactful addressable advertising strategy. Download the guide.